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structuresxx/Shutterstock Having a diverse, robust mix of gut bacteria is crucial, which is why probiotic-rich foods (think fermented foods and Greek yogurt) are often in the spotlight—they boost good bacteria. Not only does gut bacteria help keep our digestion working optimally, but it's linked with heart health. Research has shown that patients with heart failure were often missing a number of important groups of bacteria and that overall the bacteria found in the gut of sick patients wasn't as diverse. Clearly probiotics are a key to overall health, so get the facts about them and start working them into your diet!

Physicist : Electrical energy is nothing special.  Just like the chemical energy in our bodies, it breaks down into heat.  For example, the heat given off by light bulbs (or electric heaters for that matter!) is a result of electrical energy.  When electricity is flowing to a light bulb, that’s where the electrical energy is going; it’s turning into light.  When you pull the plug (so to speak) what tiny, tiny amount of electrical energy there is in the wires runs out almost immediately.

Bone Machine - Re-Loaded Re-Worked Re-Mixed