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In 1906, a rich family vacationing in Oyster Bay, NY started to get sick. Very sick. It turns out they'd come down with typhoid, a disease forever associated with one woman: Typhoid Mary. You think you know this story, and we thought we knew this story too. But as producer ...

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Yeah Ghost is the fourth studio album by Zero 7 , released in September 2009. The album features vocals by ESKA (on "Mr McGee", "Medicine Man", "Sleeper", and "The Road"), Martha Tilston (on "Pop Art Blue"), Binki Shapiro (on "Swing" and "Ghost Symbol"), Rowdy Superstar (on "Sleeper"), and Binns himself (on "Everything Up (Zizou)", an homage to French footballer Zinedine Zidane ).

Zero 7 - Medicine Man (Remixes)Zero 7 - Medicine Man (Remixes)Zero 7 - Medicine Man (Remixes)Zero 7 - Medicine Man (Remixes)