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The Sainogan has the natural visual capability to capture greater light, resulting in the eye becoming a powerful visual receptor. This gives the eye a greater ability to discriminate objects, as in it can distinguish objects from greater distances. As well this also gives the eye the ability to visualize more "sectors" per second, thus an enhanced ability to distinguish motion and react to it. This is not to say the eyes necessarily predict the motion of the target, but rather because each sector of motion is being captured with such accuracy, the eyes assist the wielder in reacting to motion in the present.

Alga Marghen vinyl-only sublabel, founded in 2008. The label catalogue inludes releases by Gol (with Charlemagne Palestine, Charles Hayward or Ana-Maria Avram), No Neck Blues and side projects (Decimus, Dendoshi, Key of Shame), Klaus Röder, Michel Vogel, Oren Ambarchi, Cornelius Cardew, Die Welttraumforscher and many more.

Dendoshi 2 - Dendoshi 2Dendoshi 2 - Dendoshi 2Dendoshi 2 - Dendoshi 2Dendoshi 2 - Dendoshi 2