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The Soup Dragons ' Lovegod is packed with contradictions; the synthesizers and breakbeats don't match the psychedelic cover art, and the guitars seem out of place within the slick production. If Lovegod is where the Soup Dragons supposedly found their sound -- and it is -- they still hadn't fine-tuned it to the level it would reach in a few short years. This isn't to say that Lovegod isn't an enjoyable album, though; in fact, it's quite the opposite: of the late-'80s/early-'90s explosion of British rock bands who made danceable rock music, the Soup Dragons were one of the most interesting and most fun. Lovegod is far from an exception to this rule, and several of the band's best songs are included here: the hit "I'm Free," "Mother Universe," and the title track. What makes Lovegod frustrating, however, is that it feels as though the band is being held back. Given the way they let loose later -- on Hotwired and Hydrophonic -- on this album they sound too mannered, too rigidly following the rules implied by the overly stiff beats. It's not a disappointment, it just means that in retrospect, Lovegod was more of a transition album, more of a blueprint to come, than the statement that would define this band's unfortunately short career.

Soup Dragons, The - Divine ThingSoup Dragons, The - Divine ThingSoup Dragons, The - Divine ThingSoup Dragons, The - Divine Thing