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Several decades ago he had come to the world of Amonkhet, a blighted, superstitious backworld of interest to no one who mattered, to no one who was paying attention. He had prepared—layer upon layer of preparations. Miserable lives that would soon have ended anyway ended just a bit sooner, with a touch more violence.

"Oh," she said, then she turned to the audience. "Please buckle your seatbelts, put your trays in the upright position, do not read this at work, nor should you read this while drinking, or late at night while your grumpy spouse is sleeping. And finally, we don't own Harry Potter or the Potter Universe, but even JKR would deny owning this mess!"

Crested Sunmare was created as a "build-around me" card to encourage players to make a "life-gain matters" deck. If you gain life, the reward was that you got a 5/5 creature token with indestructible. What creature was it? It wasn't anything. In early design we'll just use "NAME" as a placeholder, since the creature type isn't important to the design of the card. The design version of Crested Sunmare made "5/5 white NAME creature tokens with indestructible."

Multiverse - Hour Of The Evil Eye EPMultiverse - Hour Of The Evil Eye EPMultiverse - Hour Of The Evil Eye EPMultiverse - Hour Of The Evil Eye EP